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Our email verification program is designed in a way to handle thousands of requests simultaneously to verify email easily, securely and accurately. Removing invalid and unusable email from your list adds tons of benefits to your email campaigns and thereby increase bottom-line in the long run.


What is verifying email all about?

Email verifier allows you to verify email but a lot of customers are initially doubtful of its real purpose and what it’s meant for or how it will help their businesses. So to explain on what verify email address is all about…its simply the matter of checking whether an email address exists or not without actually emailing them.


How to verify email myself?

Technically speaking, if you are good with command prompt stuff, you can verify email yourself. It’s quite tedious though. It involves sending commands to SMTP server in the language it speaks. You first say HELO and then tell the mail server the FROM and TO address. Just before its ready to accept your email, you disconnect. This will let you know if an email address exists. This is the traditional way it’s done. Of course, its not everything or else our email verification tool wouldn’t have come to existence.


So why should I use email verifier app to verify email?

There are a couple of reasons on why you should use us to verify email addresses you have. One of the most important reasons is the fact that we can verify thousands of emails at a time. This is because we don’t just use one single computer to ask SMTP server one single time…we use lots and lots of them. So we can deliver your verified emails faster. Secondly, we use advanced technology not just to verify email but get rid of things like spam trap email addresses, complainers and much more. We can even remove any specific email addresses you know of that have been known to complain. All you need to do is use our suppressed email functionality and we handle the rest of the email verification process.


How much would it cost to verify email?

It depends purely on the number of emails you would want our email address verification tool to verify. Whether you want us to verify 100 emails or 100 million emails, it would always work out to be cheaper than doing this yourself. We achieve economies of scale by verifying not just your own mailing list but also a lot of other customer’s mailing data. This is why we can do it faster, more accurately and most securely than any tool or service out there. We have some things they don’t – technology and market dominance.


Do you keep record after you verify email?

No, we delete all records securely after they are verified and given to our customers through secure link. We use the same type of encryption as that of banks so we feel its safe to say that we are ‘pretty safe’. We have various other security implementations that we can’t really mention but you can be assured your email address data is safe in our email validation tool.

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