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The effectiveness of email validation is purely dependent on the type of service or software you are using to validate email addresses. There are a number of programs out there and each of them has their own pros and cons. To review each email list cleaning software would be a tiring task. We personally do not recommend on using these email list cleaning software. The reason is explained over on the page belonging to that.


Easy way or the hard way?

Validating email sometimes can be as simple as checking if an email has an “@” symbol and has a “.” somewhere in it. While this might be a good start to verifying your email, it takes away the important of having your data cleansed against nasty spam traps and complainers who don’t want to receive your marketing campaign. Just not checking against these two will affect the performance of your email campaign in a massive way.


When to validate email?

There are a couple of hints that we can give you to keep your mailing list sparkling clean. Here are some of times we recommend you to use our email verifier service to clean up your lists.


1) At data collection pointvalidate email addresses right from the start. It will not only prevent you from sending unwanted email to wrong addresses but also help you in keeping your list clean right from the start. Use our email verification api to validate email address that is entered by your customer. It will give them immediate result that they have entered an invalid email address and thereby prevent them from submitting the form. Our API is powerful to scan for syntax issues, unbalanced delimiters, domain checks, mta checks, suppression email removal, role-based email, email correction and bogus accounts. You can read more about our email verification process to get to know the steps we take to validate email.


2) Just before you start your marketing campaign – We highly recommend you to verify email right before you start mailing your email campaign. Those hard worked hours will not go to waste if you know that what you’re sending is actually going to reach your recipients. If you haven’t used this mailing list for more than a couple of months, scrubbing it would greatly increase your chances of getting it into the inbox rather than as a junk mail which almost no one gets to see. For larger or older mailing lists, we cannot recommend you enough. It will be very ineffective email campaign if you fail to use email verification services.


3) As a regular list hygiene practice – Once you know your mailing list is clean enough, what most email marketers are not aware of is the fact that it will not stay the same always. Just like you need to take shower every day, all the emails are bound to become invalid over time. There are a number of people who constantly change their providers and thereby leave their old email addresses unchecked. Constantly checks for invalid emails would help you keep your list in optimal email-ready condition.

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