Why Purchasing an Email List is a Bad Choice?

For a plethora of marketers acquiring an email list is a tedious and mountainous task. And, so marketers prefer purchasing a list over acquiring customers through email opt-in. Purchasing a list is a simple process and an easy way to get in touch with the customers. However, the repercussion of a rented list is severe and it degrades the sender’s reputation. Once the sender’s reputation is degraded it becomes difficult to live up to the expectations of the customers. Here are few more reasons as to why you should not rent or purchase a list


Reputable Email Marketing vendors do not prefer purchased list

Reputable ESP usually prefer an acquired mailing list because a purchased list usually has deliverability issues and can hamper the reputation of the ESP as well. Additionally, the mails will never reach the intended audience and the marketing campaign will go for a toss. If you are still planning to purchase the mailing list, then remember to use email address verification or email validation. You can never trust the source of a purchased list, it can contain fake email address and spam bots as well. However, if the list is being purchased using a reputable source, it can bolster traffic immediately and increase the conversion and call-to action instances for the company.

Finding a reputable sender is difficult

Finding a list provider, which explains how often the list is being cleaned will help you deliver successful campaigns. The major challenge is finding an honest email list service provider. A list service provider who scrubs the email regularly will surely help you connect with the intended target audience. You can get a sender authentication done prior to triggering mails to the purchased list. It will further help you improve deliverability. The recipients’ security controls will perceive that serve from which the email is being sent is genuine and matches the domain thereby improving the overall deliverability of the email marketing campaign.

As an email marketer, purchasing a mailing list should be the last option on your mind.