Why is Your Email Marketing Scaring Away Subscribers?

Email marketing has been around for more than two decades and is essential for a successful online reputation. The marketing platform is growing every passing day and marketers are constantly looking to build an authentic email list to touch base with loyal customers. A big list results in higher conversions, if you’re not spamming the inbox of the potential readers. Adding new subscribers is useless if the previous ones are leaving without telling you a reason. Engaging readers is the key to success in email marketing. Focus on using email address verification to clean the mailing list and reducing the spam complaints. Here are a few reasons why the customers are getting scared.


Treating all subscribers equally

One size doesn’t fit all, but when it comes to email marketing, marketers prefer sending a single message to every possible recipient. Sending such messages will definitely increase the revenue for some time, but erode the conversion rate. Too many generic emails, creates friction and people prefer to leave the marketing campaign. Your segmentation should not be limited to just geography and gender. You need to dig deeper and leverage the data to craft hyper-personalized email messages. Subscribers become inactive when generic messages are sent. Therefore, scrub the list using verify email to remove such customers.

Focusing only on promotion

Rather than using email marketing to reach the bottom line, use it to create customer engagement and build loyalty. Undoubtedly, your main aim is to promote your business and sell the products, but you need to take a step back and focus on engaging the readers to build a loyal base. This is essential because when customers are loyal, they’re more likely to read your messages and take the necessary action. Therefore, focus on delivering value over promotions, if you truly want to gain the trust of your prospects.

Lack of intelligent email marketing

You need to work smarter and not harder. And, the easiest way to lose a customer is asking them to do something they’ve already done before. Today, customers use various devices and lack of coordination between the marketing channels can lead to a dissatisfied customer.

Use email validation regularly for a better performing email marketing campaign.