Why is my Email Marketing Going Wrong- Part II

In the previous article you learnt about two steps to understand where your email marketing campaign is going wrong. One way to achieve success in the marketing campaign is by making use of email verifier, which will ensure the newsletters are triggered by people who are genuinely interested in the campaign.


Read on further to unlock the other steps to create a successful email marketing campaign.

Troubleshooting step 3: Subscribers do not click

This is a typical scenario wherein customers are not clicking the links or the newsletters because of lack of engagement. If the customers find the content rubbish or irrelevant, they are less likely to find the newsletter interesting. One reason behind lack of engagement could be providing content for the sake of it, another reason might include that the customers are not interested in the products or services you are offering.

Quick fixes

1) Send mobile friendly emails

2) Use verify email to clean the mailing list regularly

3) Spice up the content with interesting facts and figures

Troubleshooting step 4: Emails are not generating the sales

Emails are known worldwide to produce more business than any other form of marketing. And, if your business is making money using social media and not via email, it should ring a bell as something somewhere is seriously wrong. You better look at the marketing strategy all over again.

Quick fixes

21) Send attractive offers regularly.

2) Tweak the content to engage the customers

3) Launch a refresh campaign to attract the new customers and re-engage the existing clients.

Interesting tips

  1. plethora of people believe that list cleaning is a sheer waste of time, but it is a strong misconception because a cleaned list is a house of people who are loyal and trustworthy. List cleaning is an effortless exercise because professional companies involved in email validation are masters in the field and the results provided will definitely help you understand where and how you are going wrong in the marketing activity.
  2. List cleaning is not a costly affair and will not decrease your ROI significantly.

Follow these steps and do let us know, where you went wrong!