Why is my Email Marketing Going Wrong? – Part I

No matter, however hard you work, at times email marketing will not yield the desired and planned results. This leads to frustration, which is further boiled when you fail to understand the reason as to why and where is the marketing campaign going wrong.  A plethora of reasons can lead to an email marketing campaign not performing at par.


The following troubleshooting process will help you understand the root cause of the problem and ensure that desired results are achieved.

1. Troubleshooting step 1: Are the emails reaching the inbox?

What if after delivering 3-4 unsuccessful campaigns, you realize that the messages or the newsletters never reached the inbox of the customer. Emails not reaching the inbox is one of the main reasons why an email marketing campaign can go for a toss. Here are few ways to get rid of the issue.

a) A meticulous list hygiene using email verifier will scrub the unwanted addresses

b) As far as possible, avoid trigger words that trigger spam

c) Validate the email using email address validation.

2. Troubleshooting step 2: Is the open rate low?

A majority of the problems will be solved in the first step. If in case, your campaign is not appealing to the users and you do not see any surge in the customer interaction, try out the second step. Your emails will be landing in the inbox of the customer, but you have to check whether these emails are being opened by the customers or not. When people use mobile devices, they have an option to preview the email without actually opening it. This can be a reason for a failing email marketing campaign. Here are a few ways to get rid of the issue.

a) The subject line should be authentic and appealing to the customers.

b) Segment the list so that the right message reaches the intended audience

c) Follow the process of double opt-in to ensure that genuine customers are in the marketing list.

When you are looking out for potential issues pertaining to the deliverability and functionality of the email marketing campaign, at times you need in-depth analysis for accurate answers.