Why is Double Opt-in Important?

A double opt-in when a customer sign-up for through the internet to willingly receive communication from your end. A double-opt in when a customer confirms twice about their subscription. The initial subscription is when the customers fill in a web form confirming their email address. The company sends a confirmation link to the recipient and the double-opt in occurs. If the recipient clicks on the confirmation link, the customer has double-opted in to receive all the email communication. Double-opt is essential in the marketing world as plethora of the subscribers have a habit of filtering the email as spam even after willingly signing in for the whole process. The double-opt in helps email address verification and you actually reach out to the potential audience in an effective way.


Aids email validation

From the email list owner’s perspective, double opt-in is extremely essential as it helps in maintaining a high quality list. The mailing list is everything when it comes to email marketing. A clean mailing list ensures a successful campaign wherein all the marketing figures are in your favour. Additionally, double opt-in ensures that emails are sent only to customers who are genuinely interested in the marketing campaign. There is no point have 2000 or more subscribers to the mailing list, when more than half of them are ready to filter the mails at any point of time. Double opt-in works hand-in-hand with verify email and ensure that customers stay happy and loyal for a long period.

Reduce spam complaints

Spam complaints are a nightmare for marketers as it indicates that the marketing campaign is not moving forward as intended. Customers usually take a fraction of second in determining whether the email sent is relevant or irrelevant. If you use double opt-in for the customers, the spam complaints can be drastically reduced. A high spam rate will give you a permanent position in the blacklist of both the customers and the ESPs, coming out of the blacklist is next to impossible.

If you are really serious about creating and maintaining a high quality mailing list, you need to use both double opt-in  and email verifier.