Why Emails Do Not Reach the Inbox of the Customers?

Email marketing is a popular marketing platform for both B2C and B2B marketers because of high ROI and the extent of penetration. However, in the recent past, email deliverability is failing with every passing day due to various reasons. On an average 1 in every 4 email never makes it to the inbox of the customer, thereby wasting all the marketing efforts. Due to this reason, many marketers have started ditching email and are preferring social media channels. If you are such a marketer, you are committing a gruesome mistake because even today, email remains the most effective way to communicate with the customers. Here are two tips for boosting email deliverability.


Data validation

Screening the marketing list for spam traps and spam bots will boost deliverability by more than 95%. Spam traps and spam bots increases the complaint rates and reduces the deliverability. Always clean the mailing list using email address validation and email verifier. Take time to remove the fraudulent email addresses and on a regular basis clean the mailing list. Ensure to use only current and active email addresses for sending the marketing campaign as it will boost the deliverability.

Follow all the rules

All your hard work will go to waste, if due to some reason the emails are landing in the spam folder, it will adversely affect the whole marketing campaign. Therefore, it is essential to protect messages and complying with all the internet rules. Following the best practices of email marketing will help you increase the deliverability and build long term customer relationship. Your ‘from’ ,’to’ and ‘reply to’ should be accurate and authentic otherwise you will be violating the CAN-SPAM rules and regulations. Additionally, try to avoid deceptive subject lines and tell the customers. Ensure to include a valid address in the email for the customers to trust.

You will win half the battle of email marketing by improving the email deliverability. Take time to check the mailing list and clean the list on a regular basis, you will definitely come out with flying colors.