Why Buying a Mailing List is a Bad Idea?

You definitely need customers to send an email and nothing can be better than acquiring the customers cheaply. That is the mindset of every email marketers who is eager to purchase a marketing list. Every brand needs customers to meet their sales objective. However, acting in desperation can lead to long term negative effect as a purchased list is never a good option for any email marketing campaign. You will find many companies providing email list and claiming to be extremely authentic, but your inbound marketing strategy will drastically suffer leading to failure in the brand communication.


Email marketing vendors do not allow messages to a purchased list

Most reputable marketing vendors request for an opt-in email list over a purchased or rented list. You may decide to use a non-reputable marketing vendor meeting your criteria, but the marketing campaign is bound to suffer poor deliverability. Email marketing vendors are stringent because one bad mailing list of a client and hamper the overall deliverability of all the other customers. Therefore, as far possible try to avoid purchasing or renting email marketing list and if you still plan to buy one, make sure to use email verifier or email address validation before sending marketing campaigns to such a list.

Good email addresses are never saleable

Purchasing a high quality mailing list is a rare option unless you are merging your company or acquiring a new business. If the mailing list is saleable, then the email addresses on it have probably been used by other vendors who previously purchased the list for their business. This means by the time you send messages to such customers, the probability of being flagged as spam is extremely high. Additionally, if anyone has a good list, they will try to retain the customers instead of distributing to the rivals and competitors.

You are unknown to the customers on the purchases list

The customers would have probably agreed to receive messages from some other company and not your company. This means there’s a good chance of recipient filtering the messages from your company as spam.