What you Should Definitely Do to Increase Your Email Engagement

The success of any email marketing campaign is dependent upon the open rate and click-through rate or in other words audience engagement with your content. The internet is flooded with tips to improve the email engagement as it drives revenue, but not all are acceptable and some may not work for your industry. Moreover, a plethora of companies forget that along with improving the open rate, it is also essential to maintain the mailing list using email verifier as it removes inactive and dormant readers. Here are a few ways to increase the email engagement.

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Design elements

Design is a key factor of increasing email engagement and in order to get more click through on your links, focus on using other design options to entice the readers, instead of simply hyperlinking the text. Dull and boring content with same design element will help in attracting readers once, but after that you’ll find it difficult to increase customer engagement. Add an interesting image with a visible call to action to make it stand out among the text.

Visual cues

Visual cues appeal better to the audience than the normal text messages and usually invite more clicks resulting in higher revenue. Visual cues can either be videos or infographics containing informative content. However, ensure that the file size is not too large otherwise the load time will drastically reduce. Unless, you make the newsletters and the signup page interesting, building a successful email mailing list is difficult. Focus on delivering value to increase the customer base and build an authentic email list. Ensure to clean the list using email address verification for best results.


A well-targeted marketing campaign drastically impacts the engagement rate, as you know, which customers are interested. Sending to subscribers who have previously interacted with your previous marketing campaign is the best way to engage the subscribers.

Email validation will help you reach the desired audience.