What Things to Delete from your Email Marketing List?

Changes in the major email service providers have led to a headache for a number of marketers. Better spam filters and enhanced services have further added fuel to the grievances of a plethora of marketer who in the past heavily relied on email marketing. Promotional emails and newsletters were a way to attract customers and generate leads. However, sending promotional newsletters to any customer has become a nightmare because the ISP is vigilant and any such activities are tracked and the email address can be blacklisted.


Therefore, it is extremely important to use an email verifier and email validation to delete the following things from your email marketing list.

Duplicate emails

Duplicate emails are a major setback because many a times the same customer uses two different ids to register. You will remain under an impression that two customers are genuinely interested in the campaign and you will end up wasting a lot of money on customers who do not exist. Therefore, use verify email and email address verification to accomplish this task.

Invalid addresses

A word here and there can lead to deliverability issues and it is going to pinch you in the long run. A typo by the client or mistake at your end while entering the address in your database are some ways through which email addresses become a vicious part of your email marketing campaign. Therefore, getting rid of such ids should be given high priority. Customers often deactivate their account for some reason or other leading to invalid accounts. Removing these accounts from the marketing campaign will improve the deliverability and click-through-rate.

Inactive accounts

Inactive accounts are another headaches as it can adversely affect the whole marketing campaign and everything can go for a toss. Such email addresses often to an ISP who are on a lookout of marketers who trigger emails to dormant and inactive accounts. Use email verifier to effectively get rid of such accounts and see your marketing campaign reach new heights.

Delete unwanted email addresses before they eat up your marketing budget for no reason.