Welcome the Spring with a Cleaned Email List

The weather outside may be extremely hot, but it is the right time to clean the list and welcome the spring with open hands. List cleaning using an email verifier or email validation will prove to be an effective way to come closer to a large number of customers who are interested. Here are few ways why list cleaning is essential today.


1. A list that been around for a while has accumulated bad emails

With the changing time and fast moving world, a number of people change jobs  leading to a change in their email addresses. And, when an email address changes, your email marketing campaign can go for a toss. The ISP can change or even merge with other ISP available. Email addresses decay, thereby creating a negative impact on the email marketing campaign. Additionally, the list may consist of duplicate email addresses because of people filling the same online form more than once. The email verification software will help you remove such bad addresses in no time. Therefore, clean the list regularly and ensure that only genuine customers are a part of the mailing list.

2. Bad addresses mess up the statistics

Invalid and wrong email addresses will hamper the deliverability, set the eyes of the ISPs in your campaign and deteriorate the important email marketing statistics. The click and open rate will get affected adversely thereby creating problems in the long run. A majority of the bad email addresses is recycled by the ISP and are used to find spammers in the email marketing world. Any email triggered to such addresses is considered spam and the sender is marked as a spammer. Therefore, emailing to ghost addresses is like killing the email marketing campaign with your own hands. The major ISPs today focus on the engagement level to determine whether the emails you send should go in the inbox of the customer or land as a spam.

With spring approaching fast, it is best to start afresh with a clean list and entice customers to build a long lasting relationship. List cleaning will undoubtedly help you achieve your goal.