Think Twice Before Buying an Email List

Buying an email list seems a simpler option for a majority of business because it is a simpler and easier option to organically grow the customer base. However, buying an email list will endanger the email marketing campaign to an extent which cannot be repaired. Thinking twice before buying an email list is a wise and advisable option. Here are a few loopholes of purchasing an email list.

Quantity is not equivalent to quality

Quantity and quality are two different words and are not synonymous to each other. And, a plethora of marketers is trapped in the vicious circle and start buying lists which are of no use. In a number of cases the lists are filled with automatic scripts or other malware addresses which can alert the ISPs and your email address can get reported. Rather than buying a new list, you can go for email address validation and email verifier to achieve quality results from the already existing list. The response rate you receive from such contacts is low, the efforts and the money spent goes in the drain. Therefore, think with a calm mind before taking a final call.


You are buying a used list

The third party from whom you are purchasing the list would have sold it to a number of similar businesses like yours. Therefore, you will be sending content to people who have already received a similar content from the competitors. Additionally, customers present on the list will not want to join the campaign, which indirectly will lead to high un-subscription rate thereby running the whole marketing campaign. And, in order to increase the deliverability rate, you will have to use email verification. Therefore, build relationships organically rather than choosing the easy method of purchasing a list.

You can lose the reputation

As stated earlier, a purchased list is full of spam traps and automatic scripts, making the email address look like a spammer. If a customer’s email is inundated with unnecessary emails and newsletters, the probability of a complaint to the ISP is high. Therefore, you can very easily lose the reputation.

Build long term relationships!