The Right Way to Build An Email List

Today, email marketing is still one of the most responsive form of marketing as it reaches millions of customers without spending too much. You need to put some efforts to build a strong marketing list because it works as a foundation for your email marketing. The major problem faced by marketers is that nobody really wants more email, particularly spam messages from unknown sources. Marketers find it difficult to earn subscribers because they run out of options to entice the readers to signup. And, end up buying third party email list, which needs to be cleaned using email verifier. Here are a few ways of building an email list in the right way.

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Access to premium content

Create a membership level for information that starts with registering. People have to give their email address to access the premium content. Such exclusive access to extraordinary content makes the customers feel privileged. The premium content should be valuable and informative otherwise the readers will happily opt out. You need to understand that readers are hungry for good quality of content and by giving them exclusive right to a premium content, you’re fulfilling their requirements. With such access, you can create an authentic list. However, clean the mailing list on a regular basis using email address validation to ensure only genuine customers are a part of your marketing campaign.


Offer people some value such coupons or free trials when they purchase something from your brand. For example, if a customer has purchased a computer, you can offer usage of a software free to the buyer. This way you have offered some value to the target readers. Coupons are always a great way to build a strong marketing list. You need to attract your customers in every possible way you can, to win their trust.

Great content

Content is the king when it comes to email marketing and great content will help you attract the potential clients. Therefore, whenever you send a newsletter, ensure it is relevant and meaningful to the target audience.

Use email validation on a regular basis to build a strong email list.