The Right Way of Building Your Email list

If you think, you can forgo email marketing and focus only on Twitter and Facebook to drive revenue, you’re sadly mistaken. Email is still the most responsive form of marketing and you need to build a strong email list to capture the interest of the target audience. You’ve to get creative because customers no longer giveaway their email addresses for the fear of receiving spam messages. Attach an incentive to build a strong and authentic mailing list. However, remember to clean it using email address verification on a regular basis to remove inactive and dormant accounts. Here are a few right ways of building an email list.

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Remove and win back inactive customers

Try engaging a subscriber before removing them from the mailing list as you never know the reason for inactivity. Send a ‘We miss you’ message with a special discount or coupon code. Such incentives are necessary to wake a subscriber who is deep slumber. Additionally, politely ask the readers, whether they wish they receive information from your brand or not. It’s the safest way to remove readers who are no longer interested. You can also provide a one-click survey on the unsubscribe page to understand why the customer is leaving.

Send regular messages

To the working part of your email list, send regular messages to keep the readers engaged. You can even tools like email verifier before the launch of your email campaign to scrub your list. It helps in detecting disposable email domains, low quality addresses, and role based email addresses. Removing these subscribers is essential to prevent spam complaints and email bounce, which lowers the sender’s reputation. Additionally, monitor the open rates and tweak changes in the subject line if the open rate is below the industry standard.

Collect new email addresses

Continuously, growing your email list is important to stay ahead in competition. Collect emails at expos, brick and mortar location, events and seminars. You can even run a contest on Facebook or Twitter wherein the customer has to provide their email address to play.

Whatever may be the customer acquisition method, remember to use email validation on a regular basis.