The Danger of Buying an Email Marketing List

An obvious list purchase without list cleaning is a dangerous armor in your email marketing campaign. And, without a strong marketing list reaching out to potential customers is extremely difficult. It’s better to send effective campaigns rather than sloppy messages. Sloppy messages destroy your email reputation and never leads to conversion. You’re actually buying trouble for your business, if you blindly purchase a mailing list from a third party vendor. You need to carefully scrutinize the mailing list, before purchasing it. However, remember to clean it using email address validation on a regular basis to attract potential readers. Here are a few dangers of buying an email list.

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People don’t expect an email from your brand

The dislike could result from mild irritation to extreme disgust and your messages will be marked as spam. It will affect your deliverability rate and people will either block your email address or filter the messages as spam. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your customer to understand how they feel about receiving messages for which they’ve not agreed. And, if your sender’s reputation is degraded once, it is less likely that you can make an effective comeback. Purchasing an unsolicited email list can definitely result in danger and leave negative imprints. If still you want to purchase a marketing list, then clean it on a regular basis using email verifier.

List is full of spam bots and spam traps

The ESPs are extremely vigilant these days due to the stringent CAN-SPAM regulations. And, to test the authenticity of a brand, they create spam traps that are used to expose illegitimate senders. It is usually done to identify email marketers with extremely poor permission and list management practice. When a spam trap is hit, the email address is usually blacklisted permanently. Third party lists are full of such email addresses, which hampers your business and you lose out potential customers. Without understanding the nature of the email list, never send messages to the purchased list.

Additionally, scrub the marketing list using email validation to reach the target audience.