Strategies for Increasing Email Re-engagement

When it comes to understanding the requirement of the target audience, marketers need to leverage the existing information and the data collected. Statistics can provide a true insight about the activity of a customer and help you decide whether to send a re-engagement mail or not. Re-engagement is an extremely essential tool for any email marketer as it helps in winning the trust of the inactive customers. Removing such customers from the mailing list will not serve your purpose as you lose out on the opportunity cost associated with the readers. However, before sending any campaign, remember to clean the mailing list using email address validation. Here are a few strategies for increasing customer interaction and winning their trust back.



Whenever you send a message, look at your email list and see who is likely to be interested based upon their purchase behavior. Scan through the habits and requirement of the readers to decide, which customers have undergone hibernation due to high frequency of email messages. Drastically, lower down the sending frequency to such customers and find out customers who are likely to bring profit to your business. Another great way is to send the messages to the regular customers and based upon the open rates and the feedback received, send the information to the less engaged users. However, before sending to such emails remember to run verify email to remove dormant and incorrect email addresses.


If you’ve trickled down the frequency of messages and still not satisfied with the outcome, you need to segment the marketing list based upon different parameters. Many customers unsubscribe and stop responding because you they receive irrelevant messages. For example, sending the male customers, messages about a female beauty product will definitely lower down the open rates. Segment the mailing list on the basis of the engagement rate of the readers. Classify the list into most engaged readers, somewhat engaged readers and least engaged readers. Appropriate segmentation will help you maximize the interaction with the readers.

Whatever strategy you follow to engage the readers, maintain a healthy email list using email validation.