Spam Filtering and Email Validation

If you are receiving an extremely high bounce rate report from your email service provider, then you need to start the email address verification as soon as possible. A high bounce rate is an indication of an extremely poor email marketing campaign and destroys the sender’s reputation beyond repair. Hard bounces occur whenever messages are sent to customers to whom email has not been sent for a really long time. A majority of the times, the email addresses are valid and functioning, but still, a spam report is filed because of spam filtering. After sending emails to the desired customers who have willingly opted to receive messages, your email can be marked spam. A plethora of reasons can be behind the spam filtering. Read on further to explore some of the factors.

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1. Content Scanners

The content scanners have probably found something wrong with your content, which has resulted in email being marked as spam. To avoid the eyes of the content scanner, it is advisable to avoid all the text in capital letters. Additionally, try not to insert too many pictures or images as it alerts the vigilant eyes of the scanners. Another reason for content getting filtered is that your code is extremely messy for the scanners or illegal characters are present in the content.  Other than these reasons, other possible reasons could be that your recipients think that the content is irrelevant or inappropriate. Therefore, send content which is useful to people who have opted for receiving the marketing content.

2. Avoid the usage of spammy words

Words such as ‘affiliate’, ‘wealth’, ‘revenue’ and ‘$$$$’ trigger is spam filters, forcing them to mark the incoming newsletter as spam. It will damage your sender’s reputation whose repercussions you will have to bear on the next marketing campaign as well. Email validation will help you achieve success by removing bad email addresses, but the content you will have to monitor it on your own.

Spam filtering is good for the customers and marketers who actually care about the need and requirement of their customers.