Spam Concern for Email Marketers

As an email marketer, you will always be under constant pressure to generate leads and enhance the brand image of the marketing campaign. And, today finding out words and phrases that truly resonates with the customers is a Herculean task in itself, especially when email marketing is a platform wherein you make the least mistakes. Therefore, getting rid of one of the major challenges of email marketing which is the ‘spam’ is of utmost importance. Email verifier and email address validation are two ways to achieve a clean list, ensuring that the email address is not brought under the radar of the ISPs.


You may not be a spammer

Even if the campaign is genuine and the intentions are to attract genuine customers, your address can be marked spam even for the smallest mistake that you commit. A user who is inexperienced would prefer to click the spam button as an easy option to unsubscribe. Therefore, you need to choose the right mix of keywords and phrases which will suit the requirement of people to whom the email is triggered. It is extremely essential to get the list cleaned on a regular basis to avoid being called as a spammer. People who have not opted for your newsletters would obviously be frustrated if you keep triggering regular emails. With email verification, you can easily remove the unwanted and disinterested customers from the list.

You are not the only one

A plethora of marketers faces the same challenge, some overcome the spam using efficient marketing tactics, whereas some are lost in the vicious circle of high spam rate. As a marketer, you have a choice to select the category to which you belong. To avoid the second category of marketers, you should understand the working of spam filters. These filters are applied by the ISP who are looking for certain keywords like ‘CLICK HERE’, ‘BUY NOW’ or ‘FREE’. Certain points are allotted every time such an email is triggered, and once you reach a limit, which is already decided by the ISP, the email is marked spam.

To be a spam or not to be, is in your hands!!