Some Proven Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List

Email is a top rate marketing platform for retaining customer and nurturing relationships. In other words, it works for every phase of the customer lifecycle – Prospects, lead nurturing, customer retention. Your email list is the foundation of a strong email marketing campaign and is worth more than your social media platforms. Facebook or Twitter can delete your account any time without providing a reason, but the same is not the case with email marketing. With a cleaned and authentic email list, you can communicate effectively with the target audience. However, remember to clean the list using email verifier to reach the potential customers. Here are a few ways of building your email list.

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Install a pop-up such as a lightbox

You can make the pop-ups less annoying to the readers by setting the pop-up to become visible to each customer only once per week. This way people won’t be seeing the pop-up again and again. Readers are annoyed when the pop-up keeping popping up even after refusing or closing it. You can also show the pop-up only to readers who have stayed on your website for more than 1-2 minutes. Additionally, the pop-up should be interesting and captivating to the readers.  Readers are more likely to sign-up. However, scrub the mailing list using email address verification to remove unwanted readers and reduce the spam complaint rate.

Use a mobile app or tablet to attract readers

If you’re using printed sign-up form where people have to write their email address, you’re likely to lose 20% of your readers due to bad handwriting. Therefore, focus on using a signup app that runs on a tablet. If you are using a tablet or app, offer a signup bonus either before or after the checkout. This will ease your work and you can focus more on connecting with the potential customers. You need to become innovative and eliminate all causes that lead to bad email addresses.

Focus on using email validation on a regular basis to remove inactive and unwanted email addresses.