Solutions to Some of the Mistakes in Email List Hygiene

Solutions to some of the Mistakes in Email List Hygiene

Leveraging the effectiveness of the email marketing channel requires knowledge and the ability to overcome some of the major challenges of this marketing channel. One of the gray areas of this channel is the email database or the email list. For a common man, it is simply collecting email addresses from various sources and sending newsletters to generate interest in the minds of the audience. However, as a marketer, you know how painful it can be to maintain a healthy list and the repercussions of a stale list.



Some common mistake in email list hygiene is as follows:

1. Buying Email Lists

Purchasing an email list is anytime cheaper than acquiring addresses from interested customers. Therefore, a number of marketers often purchase lists from vendors. This quick-fix is a disaster because the list can contain invalid or dormant addresses. It will not only lead to a negative reputation, but will also ensure a dip in the ROI.

Solution: Email verification and email validation are the leading options available. With an email verifier, you can be assured that your efforts are actually reaching the inbox of the customers and the efforts are not going in a waste.

2. Allowing the email addresses to go stale

Regularly not updating the email list can lead to stale addresses, which will affect your email marketing campaign. According to researches, close to 3% of data goes stale or bad every year. This include the email addresses as well. Inactive email addresses are the toughest thing for the marketers to deal with.

Solution: You can validate email and verify email regularly to ensure that the list is not stale. These companies will cross-verify every email address in your database and remove the ones which are stale, thereby saving your sender’s reputation and increasing your ROI.

3. Analyzing the wrong metrics

The size of your list and the number of open rates are not going to determine the exact condition of your list. The open rates can be high even when a plethora of stale and invalid addresses exists in the list.

Solution: A 360o analysis of the results obtained is essential in order to come up with a meaningful conversation.