Smartphones and Email Validation- Is There a Link?

Smartphones and tablets cannot be ignored by email marketers, as they represent a massive part of all the email communication and generates revenue. If you have not optimized the email for the mobile, you are probably missing out on a lot of potential customers and probably a plethora of customers are filtering your emails as spam. If the emails are optimized and user friendly for smartphone email validation will further help you reduce the spam rates. There is a strong yet distinct character between the two. For enhancing the success of email marketing, it is essential to use both the entities.

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Why are smartphones so important?

You will shocked to know that mobile phones contribute from 20 to 70% of the email open rates. The open rates vary from product to product and from business to business. Additionally, according to a survey more than 45% of the emails are opened either on smartphones or on tablets. And, if you send irrelevant content, close to 45% of the target audience will filter you as spam. Therefore, email address validation using verify email is essential as it will help you connect with customers who finds your content and mails relevant. Smartphones always remain near to the customer and the chances of opening an email on the smartphone are extremely high. Cleaning the list on a regular basis will surely help you increase the revenue and connect with potential customers to a great extent.

How successful is email validation?

Email validation clubbed with smartphones is a deadly combination as these tools are extremely essential in email marketing. Additionally, mobile friendly emails are perceived better than the normal emails as it gives the luxury to the customer to read the emails on the go without bothering about switching on the laptop or the desktop. You can hire an email validation specialist to ensure authentic cleaning of the mailing list. These companies are veterans in their respective fields and will help you remove all the unwanted email address from the mailing list. At an affordable cost, you will able to generate revenue worth thousands of dollars.