Smart Ways of Cleaning your Email List

Today, email marketing is one of the leading ways to drive sales and increase communication with the readers, but email has its own quirks. Many things are changing in the email marketing world and keeping at par with the changing rules and regulation becomes difficult. Any change is ISP regulation for spam or email address will result in an email list, which is full of inactive and dormant email addresses. Email deliverability is a beast and you need to keep up with the housecleaning activities of your email marketing to reach the target audience. Your email list will have a shelf life is you regularly do not clean it using email address verification. It is essential and critical to maintain the list to achieve success in the email marketing business.



Ask the subscribers whether they are still interested

A great tactic to understand the mindset of your subscribers is sending messages asking them to click a link if they are interested in receiving information from your end. Even after receiving the email message, if subscriber who has not engaged for a long time do not respond, you can remove these subscribers from the marketing list. There is no point trying to engage customers who are not interested in your email marketing campaign. Engage with your readers, ask their preferences before sending email messages the next time.

Delete readers who have not opened any message in past six months

As a person, you will definitely not prefer talking to someone who has ignored you in the past, why do it with your email marketing? People who have ignored your brand in the past six months should be removed from the mailing list. Focus on acquiring real readers rather than focusing on the number of subscribers in your email database. Such customers are more likely to filter the messages as spam because they are not interested in your communication. Instead, focus on cleaning the database using email verifier to maintain a healthy list.

Use email validation to track your subscribers and ensure you clean the mailing list on a regular basis.