Segmenting Your Email List Like a Professional

Are you interested in increasing the open rate, click rate and reducing the unsubscribe rate? List segmentation is essential to improve the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign. More than 70% of the brands fail to send personalized messages, which drastically reduces the marketing statistics. List segmentation is extremely essential to attract the target audience and helps in nurturing relationship with the readers. Additionally, it’s essential to clean the marketing list using email address verification to effectively segment the marketing list. Here are a few essential ways to segment the email list like a professional.

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New subscribers

Never commit the mistake of neglecting your new subscribers and leaving them too cold. Instead, welcome them with a warm welcome email message. Remind the readers of the benefits they would receive being a loyal subscriber. You need not stop with sending just one welcome email, you can send a series of email messages to engage the readers and attract new subscribers. Always introduce the new subscribers to your best stuff to grow your relationship with the readers. However, scrub the email list using verify email to remove inactive subscribers.


Segmenting the readers based upon the preferences is a great way to keep the consumers engaged. Ask your customers how frequently they wish to receive mails or updates from your readers. Additionally, give the readers a chance to select the type of email messages they want to receive. Do they want blog post update, important updates, new product launch updates, discount updates or all of the above? Once you send messages according to the preferences of the readers, you are able to retain more than 25% of the customers.


Location is a key component in segmenting the mailing list. Unless people travel to different cities to attend your seminar or events, you don’t want to send information about an in-person event in a particular city. You can use the location of your subscribers to convey information about events occurring in their city.

Whatever is your basis of segmenting the mailing list, remember to use email validation on a regular basis to avoid spam complaints.