Right Way of Building an Email List

With the prevalence of social media platform and other marketing platforms, traditional email seems a relatively old format. And, many small business owners end up ignoring it. It still remains one of the most powerful forms of marketing and an authentic list is a strong foundation for a successful marketing campaign. Furthermore, an authentic email list will help you connect with people who are interested in your marketing efforts. In fact a great list is the success mantra to a great campaign. Therefore, it is essential to clean the list using email verifier. Here are a few right ways of building an email list.


Start early

Starting as soon as the customer joins the newsletter is the leading way to build trust. When you send messages after 3-4 days, the customer probably forgets about your brand. And, such messages are filtered spam by the customer. Spend more time developing a creative welcome message. Without a visionary strategy, reaching genuine customers is impossible. Furthermore, focus on using email validation to remove inactive and dormant readers.

Focus on your blog

Believe it or not! One of the leading ways to build an authentic email list is through your blog. A well-established blog will have thousands of readers and if they find it worthwhile, they’re sure to sign up for the newsletter. While the content may take up some time to develop, it’s worth the effort. Send link to your blogs with a proper call-to-action to gain the attraction of the customers. Furthermore, reduce the amount of information that is necessary for the signup process. You can even call guest bloggers and divert their traffic to your website.

Ask people to share

Social sharing is extremely powerful and can easily help your business to grow on a large scale. Add a share feature in every message you write to increase the click-through rate by more than 158%. However, social sharing isn’t just about getting more email subscribers, its more about getting people interested in your brand.

Focus on using validate email on a regular basis to reach your audience.