How to Repair Bad Email Reputation?

As an email marketer, you’re probably aware that delivering a successful email campaign is not a cakewalk. Increasing the ROI is not as simple as sending the press button. The success of your email marketing campaign is dependent upon a number of factors and one such factor is email reputation. Today, email reputation plays a critical role in deciding the success of your campaign. If you overlook list cleaning using email verifier, you reduce the chances of reaching the inbox of the customer. Therefore, focus on maintaining a healthy sender’s reputation and follow these tricks to repair a bad email reputation.

Age of the list matters

The age of the marketing list and customer history is an important factor in building the reputation. If you’ve not interacted with an email list for more than 12 months, suddenly sending messages will result in engagement issues. Understand that one in every 4 email addresses becomes stale within a year. You’re taking a huge risk by sending messages to people who signed up for the newsletter 1-2 years ago. Therefore, improve the quality of the list by using email address verification to scrub dormant and inactive customers. Additionally, the smaller the list age, the higher the chances of reaching the inbox of the target audience.

Send from your domain

The success of the email marketing campaign is directly proportional to the reputation of the sending domain. If you use gmail, yahoo or outlook to send messages, you cannot authenticate as a reputable sender. The messages will reach the customer, but you will be unsuccessful in building a reputation as a sender. Furthermore, the messages will be filtered as spam because serious businesses always se their domain name to trigger messages to the customers.

Recognize the active subscribers

Use the engagement segment to filter out customers who are active subscribers. Always prioritize sending messages to such recipients. Your active customers send a strong signal to the receiving box, thereby improving the email reputation. Therefore, send interesting and meaningful content to gather extra brownie points.

Furthermore, always clean and maintain the list using email address verifier to improve your email reputation.