Reconnect with Inactive Customers

Bigger is definitely not the best, especially when it comes to counting the number of subscribers. Obviously, as a marketer, you need to constantly strive to grow their email marketing list, but you need people who are genuinely interested in your marketing campaign. You need active subscribers over dead subscribers to increase your revenue. Inactive readers increase the opportunity cost and results in a failed marketing campaign. Having a large number of unengaged or inactive subscribers affect your email deliverability and hampers the sender’s reputation. Focus on creating a strong marketing list, which is regularly cleaned using verify email. Here are a few ways to reconnect with the inactive subscribers.


Know the reason for inactivation

Your readers could have become inactive due to a number of reasons and understanding these reasons is essential to connect back with them. Here are a few potential reasons for inactive readers.

  • Your customers are interested in your content, but are very busy to read the messages.
  • Your emails are directly reaching the junk or the spam folder.
  • Your content, no longer resonates with your audience.
  • You send messages at the wrong time and it doesn’t match with the readers.
  • The readers have probably changed their email address from which they subscribed.

Know the reason for a customer leaving the campaign to effectively change your content so that it piques interest in the inactive readers. Without knowing the reasons, understanding the mindset of the target audience is extremely difficult.

What should you do?

Focus on gathering information about the past engagement of the readers as you can create highly personalized email messages to the target audience. Use the data effectively to create content that resonates more quickly with your readers. Offer a discount or promotional offer to tell the subscribers that you miss their presence. However, before sending the messages, use email address validation to effectively communicate with your readers.

Saying Goodbye

Bid goodbye to readers who don’t respond to your email messages even after sending the reactivation campaign.

Focus on using email validation on a regular basis to connect with the target audience.