Quick Ways to Grow your Email List

One of the most important jobs of an email marketing manager is to create an authentic database, which have relevant and genuine email address. But, how do these managers make sure that the data obtained is effective or not? Furthermore, how can you encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter? You need to clean your list regularly using validate email to remove the unwanted and inactive subscribers. You need to encourage signup form across different marketing platforms including social strategies, marketing and content.


Make your opt-in form stand out

Are you placing the signup form only on your homepage?  Try placing it on the most visited webpages to capture the attention of the visitors. Focus on encouraging signup at every stage of the customer’s journey. However, ensure that the form is not buried or hidden in some corner. Customers are not going to search for it. You need to present it like a cake to your readers. Unless, you create an impact with the form, acquiring authentic customers will remain a challenge. Furthermore, scrub the mailing list using email validation to avoid spam complaints.

Highlight the benefits of signing up

New product launches, exclusive sale and special invites to events are a few ways to lure the customers to join your newsletter. And, if the readers agree to give their email address, remember to share relevant and useful information. When interesting and meaningful content is shared, the chances of remaining loyal increases manifold. Furthermore, live up to the expectations that you have set in terms of exclusive sale and special invite to events.

Give a hint about the next big thing

A sneak peak of what the subscribers will receive after joining your newsletter is a great way to win their trust. Show the readers a sample of your newsletter and give them a hint about the next big thing waiting their way when they join the newsletter. Additionally, create interest in the minds of the readers with interesting content. If possible add a bit of humor to your communication.

Furthermore, use email verifier to remove the inactive readers and grow an authentic list.