Protecting the Health of your Email List

Unhealthy sending practice adversely affects deliverability and performance of your email marketing campaign. Many marketers are unable to master the art of maintaining a healthy email list and end up reducing their revenue and losing out potential customers. Therefore, you need to develop an understanding of the risks associated with an unhygienic email list. Remember to scrub the mailing list using email verifier to regularly maintain the list. Here are a few ways to protect the health of your email list.

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Duplicate and typos can hamper your reputation because you may hit a spam trap by mistake. Spam traps are a nightmare for marketers because it lower downs, some key marketing statistics. Sending messages to the same email address twice affects your credibility and thoroughly irritates the recipient forcing them to unsubscribe from the mailing list. Typos and duplicate email addresses easily find their way through web forms and incorrect data entry, but can be controlled using email address validation to a great extent.

High spam complaints

Send a preference form to readers to understand their preferences for receiving messages. You can let the customer choose a particular product or service about which they are interested. Additionally, ask the people who are leaving the reason for leaving the newsletter. It’ll help you tweaks changes in the marketing campaign to retain the readers. Most customers filter the messages as spam, if the volume of messages is high. Therefore, send a fixed number of messages every month and keep the content interesting. Remove people who have not responded for a long time to boost the deliverability rate.

Purchasing third party email list

A purchased mailing list is a bad idea as those customers have not opted-in to receive your marketing campaign. The addresses might all be spam traps waiting to ruin your marketing campaign. If still you purchase a mailing list, clean it using email validation to remove inactive and dormant subscribers. Purchasing a marketing list is never advised as it can lead to potential black listing issues.