Need New Customers? Is Rented List a Solution?

A plethora of companies even today struggle with their email marketing campaign and in a desire to increase the revenue, many companies end up following the wrong path- renting mailing list from a third party vendor. Companies in a frustration of acquiring customers, starts following the wrong path of customer acquisition. Renting out a list is like sending information about a car mechanic to a person interested in plumbing services. The result will be disastrous and you will lose out on potential customers with a threat of being filtered as spam. Sending poorly targeted emails will only result in a failure and all your marketing efforts will go in vain. A rented list can cause an irreparable damage to the brand image and sender’s reputation. Renting out a mailing list is not advisable, but if still you have already rented out a mailing list, ensure you get your homework done.


Size of the mailing list

Never use the whole mailing list blindly because it will contain spam traps and spam bots. You can filter or segment email addresses based on geography and demographic suiting your business requirement. In short, drinking a few drops from an ocean will affect the quantity of water in the ocean. Only use email addresses which are useful and helpful for your brand. Additionally, focus on mailing list, which are regularly cleaned using email address verification. A clean list is a gate pass to the inbox of the customer. Use email validation on a regular basis and enjoy the benefits of a rented list.

Customize the campaign

When sending out emails to the customers of a rented list, ensure to customize the campaign based on their interests because your old message is not going to work for the new set of potential customers. You need to carefully craft the email to these potential customers. You need to capture the interest of these customers in a completely different environment because firstly these customers never opted to receive information and secondly, your brand is new to these customers. Therefore, customize the messages before sending.