More About Maintaining your Email List

Time and again, marketers are stressing on the importance of cleaning their mailing list because any list that has been around for some time has definitely accumulated bad email addresses. People change their jobs, ISPs merge, spam bots fill the online form with garbage and people create duplicate records by clicking on the same form. These bad addresses are enough to mess your statistics and if you’re flagged as a spammer, your deliverability rate will drastically get affected. Therefore, clean the marketing list using email address verification to remove malicious and spam causing customers. Here are a few other ways to build email reputation and reach the inbox of the target audience.

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Consider an email validation service

If you’ve deliverability issues or if the list has not been used for a long time, you can hire the services of a professional to verify your email addresses. Obviously, these service providers don’t guarantee that people will click and open your messages. A professional service comes handy when the list is completely messed up. By shelling out a few dollars, you’re securing a place in the inbox, which can further increase the revenue because when messages reaches the inbox, the chance of opening the mail increases. Use email verifier to scrub the mailing list.

Re-engage the readers

Re-engaging customer is another great tactic to wake the customers who haven’t interacted for quite some time. Send a ‘we miss you’ message along with a promotional offer or special discount to attract them. If still the reader is not responsive, consider removing them permanently from the mailing list. Inactive customers are dangerous because they can filter the messages as spam and your marketing campaign will go for a toss. Additionally, before removing, send a survey form asking the reader for leaving the marketing campaign. It will help you understand the requirement of your readers.

While engaging the readers is a daunting task, preventing spam complaints and hard bounces is relatively easy with email validation. Focus on maintaining a hygienic email list to nurture long term relationship.