Mistakes that Damages your Email List

Do you feel good after successfully building a strong email list? You have built a list because you understand the potential value of a captive audience. As a marketer, your task doesn’t end up by simply creating a list. It extends much beyond it. Unless, you engage the readers, share meaningful and send out-of-the-box offers, your customers are likely to leave the email list. Also, clean the email list regularly using verify email to remove inactive and dormant readers.  Furthermore, as a marketer, you need to be aware of the following rookie mistakes that may damage your email list beyond repair.


Your bonuses aren’t worth

A lot of marketers think that by providing a free one page document to the readers at the time of sign-up is more than enough. But, in reality, all newsletters come with a free bonus and your offer needs to stand out the crowd, if you want to make a difference. So, before offering the freebie, think what your customers would want. Use your blog statistics to understand what type of post your readers are preferring and create a freebie according to it. You will drastically notice a change in the number of subscribers. However, focus on cleaning the list using email address validation to maintain an error free database.

Your welcome messages are boring

The welcome messages you share with the readers help in creating a positive first impression. And, even today, many marketers send the welcome messages that sound like a robot has written them. You need to send interesting and creative welcome messages to generate the interest of your customers. Do something completely unique and interesting to welcome your customers on board. Remember that as a marketer, each and every customer is valuable to your brand.

You assume customers remember you

People often forget when and why they have signed up for your email list. It’s natural to forget when you have other important things in mind. In your emails tell the customer why they’re receiving messages from your brand, to prevent the messages from the spam folder.

Focus on using email verifier to reach customers who want to hear from your brand.