Mastering Email Validation

Social media will help you create a database of prospects, but loyal relationships are built on email marketing. People interested in services or a product are likely to purchase from a brand with whom they have a rapport. Email is an effective platform for building trust and creating a rapport with the customers. And, if you truly want to engage readers, you need to have a database of interested prospects. Spam or wrong email addresses are a spoiler and you can never master email validation with such email addresses. Cleaning the marketing list using email address verification is probably the first step towards success. Here are a few ways of mastering email validation.


Spam score

Before triggering messages to the mailing list, check the spam score to ensure that the recipients’ filter will not send the message to the spam folder. High spam score will affect the whole marketing campaign as the messages will never reach the target audience. Additionally, remember to include an opt-out link in the message such that customers leave the subscription without damaging the sender’s score. The information you share with should be factual and true to your best knowledge else the readers are likely to lose interest. Even if you are regularly cleaning your mailing list, a high spam score is enough to waste your efforts and push the marketing campaign to the back seat.

Email deliverability

One of the most important aspect of email validation is email deliverability. A customer will never make a purchase if the messages land in the spam folder or is blocked by the ISPs due to bad online reputation. Placing the messages such that it reaches the inbox of the prospect is essential to gain exposure and reach the hearts of your subscribers. High bounce rate will permanently blacklist your email address. Therefore, focus on updating the list on a regular basis. Additionally, never send messages again and again to an address that doesn’t exist otherwise you will be counted as a potential spammer.

Use email verifier on a regular basis to engage and retain the consumers.