Marketer’s Guide for Maintaining Email Reputation

Marketers across the world spend thousands of dollars in designing email campaign and drafting email copies to lure the customers. It seems simple from outside, but when you dig deep into email marketing, you realize the importance of maintaining a healthy brand and email reputation. Before moving ahead, you need to understand some of the common problems that result in a negative email reputation. Furthermore, remember to clean the marketing list using email verifier to reach the inbox of the target readers.

Increasing number of complaints from customers

One of the greatest reasons of negative email reputation is complaint from the readers. The customer may complain if you send compromised emails and if you do not update your email list on a regular basis. If you change the frequency of the messages abruptly, then also the customers are likely to complain. And, one complaint from a subscriber is enough to degrade the reputation significantly. Therefore, when someone wants to unsubscribe, remove them from the email list and clean the list using email address verifier. Also, keep an eye on the number of messages you send to the customers. Harassing the customers with unnecessary emails is a strict no, if you want to win the trust of the readers.

Increasing number of unknown customers

A hard bounce deteriorates the email reputation because it indicates that delivery has permanently failed to a given email address. An unknown error code is generated whenever the delivery permanently fails. A high number of such error codes indicate that the sender does not regularly update their email list. Therefore, ensure that list comprises of customers who want to receive messages from your brand. Remove email addresses with wrong spelling and domain name to avoid the chances of hitting a hard bounce.

Increasing email deferred rates

When you send email messages faster than what the ISPs can accept, the IP address has no sending history. And, when customers do not accept the messages, it results in high deferred rates. To avoid this problem, it is best to send small volumes of emails that the ISP can easily accept.

Focus on cleaning the email list using email address verification to enhance your email reputation.