List cleaning – Ensures a Positive Sender Reputation

The email marketing world is heavily dependent on the various list cleaning agencies. As a business owner, you might doubt on the effectiveness of the cleaning agencies. If you closely look at your email marketing results, you will surely notice that a number of subscribers would have definitely marked you spam or thrown your messages in the trash box or in a worst case scenario, the emails are marked as read without reading. Such actions in the industry are considered as negative subscriber’s action, which indirectly affects your credibility and such complaints will surely cause permanent damage to your reputation in front of the ISP.


Why is the list cleaning essential?

A receiver with ease can damage the reputation of the sender. It is in the hands of a receiver to decide the credibility and reputation of the sender. Actions such as clicking through the links is a major engagement action on which the ISP heavily rely because it is an indicative action by the receiver. Enabling images, starring the messages and adding the contacts in the favorite are a few other measures through which the ISP keep a vigilant eye on the incoming messages to a recipient email. If you continuously send emails to inactive and spam email addresses, there is a high probability of coming under the radar of an ISP.  According to experts a bounce rate of 1-2% per email marketing is considered acceptable, but anything above that will raise the vigilant eyes of the ISP towards your marketing campaign. Therefore, it is essential that the email list is cleaned regularly.

How to improve the reputation in front of the ISP?

The leading way to improve the reputation and ensure that the customers are happy with your content and services is to keep the list updated. Also, always try to give a un-subscription option so that the customers who feel that the content is irrelevant can easily opt out from the email newsletter thereby ensuring unnecessary spam reporting is stopped or brought under control.

List cleaning agencies are a boon and can easily protect you from the radar of the ISPs.