What you Should Know About Email Verification?

So, you have finally crafted a perfect email marketing campaign by burning the midnight oil. But as you try to press the send key, you’re reminded that you need to run the email list cleaning software to ensure the email list is clean. The last thing you would want is seeing your hard work land in the spam or junk folder. Focus on proactively cleaning the marketing list to prevent direct entry to a blacklist. Always remember that your email list is the building blocks of a successful email marketing campaign.

Here are a few things you should definitely know about email verification.

Undeliverable emails reduces the sender’s reputation

Every time your emails are undeliverable, the sender’s reputation decreases, thereby affecting the online presence. Your priority email does not reach the inbox of the customers because of a few erroneous email addresses in the marketing list. A poor sender’s reputation will ensure that the messages never make it to the inbox. Therefore, validate email before triggering messages to the target audience.

Manually fixing errors in email is time consuming

Your email list deteriorates by 25-30% every year, meaning that one in every four email is bound to cause problems for your business. Checking and cleaning the each and every email address is time consuming and very difficult. However, if you use a list cleaning software, the system easily verifies the email address at the point of capture. This reduces the high bounce rate and your database comprises of only valid email addresses. Focus on automating the systems to reduce your manual efforts and increase the chances of a successful marketing campaign.

Helps in increasing sales

You lose money, when your messages do not land in the inbox of the readers. And, what if the undeliverable email was meant for a customer who would buy your product. It is essential that your messages the right customer at the right point of time. Email address verifier will help you achieve the target easily.

Additionally, email verification is a boon for marketers looking to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the customers.