Keeping the List Sparkling Clean

Today in the changing scenario, it is very evident that when the magnitude of power between a marketer and consumer is weighed, the power of a consumer always wins. And, today a marketer can never rely on only the marketing messages to drive in plethora of sales and revenue. Today a consumer is more powerful than ever as a customer has more power, resources, choice and can expect personalization without any fear. Email marketing is no exception to this rule. And, if you are still triggering emails to an old purchased list, you are missing out on potential customers and degrading your sender’s reputation by sending newsletters to customers who are not interested. Therefore, it is extremely essential that the list are cleaned and worked upon before the damage done is beyond repair.


Why should you clean the list?

The ISP has a given set of benchmark and threshold limits when it comes to spam complaints, deliverability rates and unsubscribes. If you cross the limit, you are bound to face the negative repercussion sooner or later. Sending email to an unclean email list is like inviting customers to mark the email as spam deliberately. You will also be increasing the spam complaints and the number of undelivered messages will surge. This will lead to permanent or temporary suspension by the email provider. Therefore, cleaning a list regularly using email verifier and email address validation is of utmost importance. The list cleaning companies will also provide you an update on the performance of your marketing list. You can easily track and understand the reason for a failed marketing campaign.

 How to keep the list clean?

Using email address validation is the leading way to clean an email list. Additionally, you can keep a track of the sources from where the list being generated, And, if you feel that the sources are not appropriate, change the way of collecting leads. Give the customers an option of double opt-in. This way only customers who are genuinely interested in the marketing campaign will become a part of your email marketing lifecycle.