It’s time to Winter Clean your Email Marketing List Using – Email List Cleaning Software

Winter is officially here, with Christmas around the corner. The sun is probably relaxing behind the clouds, and it’s winter cleaning season – time to take out warm clothes and remove cold subscribers. It’s probably the right time to freshen your email campaign with a flare and reach the target audience with new zeal and enthusiasm. Just when you’re getting ready to switch your wardrobe, customers are probably planning to switch the brands. Customers are eager for something light and refreshing in their inbox to beat the outside chills. Winter gives you a perfect chance to revive an old relationship with the customers and focus on email cleaning using email list cleaning software to remove customer who goes into hibernation.

It’s time to Winter Clean your Email Marketing List Using – Email List Cleaning Software

Here are a few ways you can capitalize on the changing seasons and touch base with customers who want to hear from your brand.

1)  Provide warmth to the subject lines

For anyone who uses an email to interact, understands the importance of a compelling subject line. A subject line makes all the difference in getting an email open and read. A curiosity piquing subject line is the need of the hour because customers are bored of receiving generic emails. With New Year and Christmas around the corner, you’ve plethora of options to capture the attention of your audience. During the dull winter season, customers would love a pinch of humor in the marketing messages. Give it to them by infusing humor in the subject line. Furthermore, you can focus on creating your new action words to get the customer click the CTA. Active verbs and some vibrant nouns encourage the readers to read the message. Also, focus on list pruning using email list cleaning software to remove inactive customers.

2) Offering something relevant for winters

As soon as winter commences, customers love to exchange gifts because of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Therefore, it’s advisable to tie your email campaign with the ongoing trend of the season to ensure customers open your messages. Offering discounts on summer clothes will only attract negative reputation because you’re going opposite to the requirement of the customers. Therefore, before triggering any email campaign, understand what’s on the mind of your customers.

3) Freshen your marketing list

Whether summer, spring or winters, you need to freshen up your marketing list every season to ensure you reach right customers with the right offers. With every season change, the mood of a customer changes. And, they can opt-out of the marketing list for better offers. Therefore, weed out bounce backs, spam complaint and ask the inactive subscribers whether they want to continue with your brand or not. Today, you can crunch customer data and reorganize the segmentation list to reach a new group with fresh and interesting information. Before you even realize, the cozy winter mornings will turn into a sunny summer morning. Therefore, freshen your marketing list using email list cleaning software.