Is your Email List Really Clean? Take the Email Validation Test – Part-II

In the previous post, you saw three questions which would help you know whether the list is cleaned or not. Read on further to explore questions whose answers would help you build a loyal customer base and ensure the marketing list remains clean so that you can send emails to the customer as and when necessary. Whenever a mailing list is full of inactive and bad email addresses, as an email marketer you always fear before triggering newsletters because the deliverability will be low and the spam rates will be extremely high.


1. Have you build a un-subscription list?

If the answer to the question is yes, then you can skip and move on to the next question. However, if the answer is no, then some serious work is definitely pending. You need some email marketing basics which have gone drastically wrong. Therefore, it is advisable to chalk out a new list, which has an unsubscribe list as well. This is essential because customers who at some point in time were actively involved may have unsubscribed from your marketing campaign. And, by not having a un-subscription list, you will be sending newsletters to people who are not interested. Moreover, this is against the law because in all likelihood such customers will mark your newsletters as spam, thereby ruining the whole email marketing campaign. High spam rates affect the whole campaign adversely, making it difficult for the marketer to reach out to the potential customers.

2. Are you cleaning the list regularly?

If the answer is yes, then all your email marketing basics are strong and you have successfully managed to build a reputation with the customers. However, if you do not associate yourself to the above question, you need to start working on it, before it gets too late. Email validation  or email address verification are two ways using which the mailing list can be scrubbed effectively. Hiring a service provider will be of great assistance as these companies are professional and well-versed in the list cleaning domain.

Start using an email verifier, before your game is over in the email marketing world.