Is Hard Bounce Rate a Concern for You?

Hard bounces are a nightmare for email marketers who do not understand the nature and working in this medium of marketing. Ignoring a high bounce rate, is like axing the email marketing campaign with your very own hands. Ignorance is considered a bliss, under this scenario the whole campaign will come to a standstill in no time. Hard bounces are a result of an extremely unhygienic or randomly purchased email list. Therefore, cleaning the list regularly using an email verifier is essential to keep the momentum of the campaign.


What are hard bounces?

A hard bounce is an email address, delivery to which is permanently failed. There are a number of reasons for the permanent failure, but the few prominent reasons are:

1) Invalid email address

2) The domain name of the address is incorrect or does not exist

3) The recipient server is not accepting any triggers to that particular email address.

You badly get hit by the bounces in a negative way because the ISP can easily blacklist or mark your email address as spam. Therefore, using email address validation is a way to reduce the spam marking.

How to fix high bounce rates?

A number of marketers collect email addresses from point of sale, heavily relying on their staff members to add data correctly in the database. However, if the data are not updated correctly, then it will be an issue leading to high bounce rates. Moving a step forward, email marketers can effectively use email verifier to clean and maintain a healthy database to reduce the bounce rates and reach out to the audience they are targeting. Even if you are collecting the data online, then also it is essential to feed the data properly before preparing the list. Capturing accurate data is essential if you genuinely want to see higher results in the campaign.

Usually a bounce rate of below 2% is considered good enough to acquire new customers, build a long term relationship with them forever. Anything above that is low and needs immediate attention.

Hard bounces will hit you hard!