Important Email Marketing Focuses

People who think email marketing is wrong might have to take their words back because according to a report published by Econsultancy more than 25% believes email returns the highest ROI. And, more than 20% of the marketers accepted that the reason for their high sales volume is the email marketing channel. However, to keep the trend going on even in 2015, as a marketer, you need to adhere to and focus on a number of key areas. The key areas have been identified after an in-depth research and are bound to help you reach the targeted audience without any glitch.


1. Automated Email Campaigns

Today, personalization has become a key when it comes to both B2B and B2C marketing. Personalization clubbed with marketing automation tools as such lead nurturing, variable tags, auto-responders, etc. forms a lethal combination and will ensure that the delivery of the messages is done to the intended audience. Automated campaigns can be designed based on the purchase behavior and history of the customers or their demographics. You will be able to send relevant messages and ensure that engagement is maintained.

2. Email Validation

Be it any business, cleanliness and hygiene is extremely important. And, for emails the list hygiene tool is verify email. Data cleaning and list hygiene are an integral part of any marketing campaign as it improves the overall deliverability and protects the sender’s reputation. Email address verification will help you remove customers who are inactive and dormant. There is no point sending messages to outdated or purchased lists. Therefore, adhering to the best practices of email validation is essential and important to succeed. Additionally, it will help you reduce the SPAM complaints because messages reach the intended customers.

3. Campaign Planning

Gone are those days when recklessly sending thousands of emails to the customers used to work. Today until the campaign is planned and a strategy is made, never trigger emails to the customers. A strategy always starts with a goal and reaches the audience faster. Based on your strategy the campaign is planned. Therefore, brainstorm and plan a campaign before messaging the customers.