How Zombie Emails can Impact your ROI?

Zombie emails are notorious for destroying your email marketing campaign. Before moving forward, it is important to understand about zombie emails. These emails are like any other email with a valid syntax and domain name, but are either inactive or do not exist. Zombie mails easily get counted in your bounce rates, and the open rates, thereby ruining your email marketing campaign.  The worst part of such emails is that they get detected only when the damage has been done and the newsletters or other information is sent to the customers.

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Reasons for a Zombie Email

Purchasing a poor quality email list from a vendor is one of the major reasons for a zombie email. You never know which email is being used and which is not being used by the user. Therefore, even if you purchase a list ensure that the list is cleaned from an online list cleaning company. Such companies will surely help you get rid of the notorious emails and ensure your email campaign leads the desired results. Online list cleaning companies will also ensure that your sender reputation is maintained and the ISP will not cause any trouble.

Catching the Zombie emails

Eliminating the zombie emails is a must for a better ROI and reputation. There are a number of ways in which you can reduce the attack and protect your campaign.

1) The first way to detect it by checking the attachment in the mail. Many a times the Zombie email is a result of a virus laden message.

2) One interesting way to eliminate is by keeping an eye on the send rate of every sender. This can be a tedious job, but it is worth the efforts if you are able to catch one Zombie email. To reduce the efforts, try to check the send rate for addresses where bounce rate is high

3) The messages coming from the customers must be from a person who is a part of your LDAP registry. If it is no so, then there exists a high probability of the receiving a zombie email.