How to Use Giveaways to Grow your Email List?

Marketers want a massive email list to increase their reach and revenue, but growing an authentic list is similar to climbing a mountain. It consumes a lot of time and money. And, even after such a perseverance, if marketers are unable to build a mailing list, it breaks their morale and enthusiasm to engage the target readers. As a marketer, you need to focus on delivering value to reach the target audience. Today, customers do not willingly give away their email addresses. An email list full of spam traps and invalid addresses, adversely affects the success of the email marketing campaign. You need to regularly clean the list using email address verification to connect with the right audience. You can definitely use giveaways to build a strong email list.

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Attractive giveaways

Never start building your email list using a giveaway as it creates a negative impression. First build an email list comprising of readers who are genuinely interested in your campaign. Once you’re successful in creating a list of some thousands of customers, offer giveaways to attract more people to sign up for the list. You definitely don’t want to add random names to your marketing list and want to attract only ideal names to enhance the revenue and reputation of your brand. Offer giveaways that are of some value to the readers and they are forced to share the content with their friends and family members. The giveaway can be in the form of a free license to some software or a free product. However, clean the list using email verifier to reduce the spam complaints. Additionally, you can tweet about the contest and the giveaway on your social media profiles.

Leverage the self-interest of others

Offering the same giveaway to every customer is a waste because the interest and requirement of every customer is different. Whenever a customer agrees to share their email address, ask about their preferences and interests. There is nothing wrong in offering different giveaways to different people. You’ll basically cater to the interest of the readers and connect with the correct audience.

However, remember to clean the mailing list using email validation on a regular basis to improve the deliverability and reduce the spam complaints.