How to Use Email List Cleaning Software to Keep Your Email Secure?

Since the inception of email, the only thing which has fulfilled all the marriage vows with email marketing is the email service provider. With the growth of email, ESPs have become stringent in punishing companies sending blind messages to the readers. ESP and ISP can easily work-in-hand with each other; they simply don’t. The two share a conflicting relationship because of which the ISP block the ESP, which in turn blocks the businesses. Moreover, the adversarial relationship is slowly increasing the need for email list cleaning software, which is likely to lower the blacklisting and email bounces.

Here are ways to keep your email secure and ensure deliverability is at the peak.

How to Use Email List Cleaning Software to Keep Your Email Secure

1) Catch domain names

A bouquet of B2B customers masks their actual domain name and sign-up for the newsletter. On initial scrutiny, these email addresses seem loyal customers, but in actual they will reduce the marketing statistics. A relationship that has started on a lie is less likely to produce fruitful results. Therefore, removing such dubious customers from the mailing list is of prime importance. Maintaining list hygiene will screen out such notorious email addresses.

2) Remove abuse accounts

For a marketer, nothing can be more disheartening than reaching the spam folder even after burning the midnight oil.Your reputation comes at stake when your all your messages reach the spam folder.A plethora of customers will filter your messages as spam without even giving a glance. Locating such email addresses on the mailing list is critical to the success of the marketing campaign. Therefore, once every 2-3 months, use email list cleaning software to touch base with customers who want to hear from your brand.

3) Eliminate no reply email address

Many companies have a dedicated domain only for sending messages and newsletter to the target audience. Sending marketing campaigns and expecting the open rate to rise is like expecting the sun to rise from the west. No reply email addresses are futile in your mailing list and will only occupy the much-needed space.  Therefore, a list verification software will hunt down such addresses and ensure they do not exist in the marketing list.

4) Removes disposable email addresses

Through online websites, a customer can easily generate a temporary email address for a short lifespan. Removing the disposal addresses is essential because customers will use it to avail a current offer and dump it later on.

5) Provides in-depth information

Many email list cleaning software service providers offer in-depth detail about the origination of the email address. Understanding the origination of the address will help you decode some of the crucial information about your customer. You can use the information to craft tailored campaigns driven towards the taste and preference of the customers.

Therefore, focus on replenishing the email list to reduce ISP blockages and improve the vital marketing tactics.Verify the email list now and then, if you’re looking to expand your online presence. Regulate every email that is triggered by your company to come in the good books of the customers. Furthermore, without customers, your email campaign will never be able to reach the marketing goals.