How to Update Neglected Data with Email Validation?

Ruthlessly triggering emails to a large number of customers will drastically affect your sender reputation, engagement, future deliverability and success. When so much is at stake you need to take necessary steps to curb the potential issues caused because of the mailing list. Additionally, a majority of the ESP today follow extremely stringent compliance standards which protect both the sender and the ESP. Therefore, if your list is old or poorly maintained, email validation is the leading way to achieve success. A good scrub with verify email will get your email marketing campaign back in shape.


1. Know your data sources

Collecting data consistently is the key when it comes to updating neglected data. For knowing the data sources, you need to check the forms, landing pages and in-person meeting, etc. All the forms through which data is collected should have the same fields. If the forms have different fields, it will create problems and issues for the campaign. Additionally, if the data is being collected personally, then you need to verify whether authentication of the data and know whether the customers understand your business. Scrutinize every touch point to ensure consistency is maintained throughout. It will also help you reduce the need for cleaning the data on a regular basis.

2. Merge the Data

If you use multiple data sources to collect the information, then you should ensure the data from all the sources is being transferred to the single database or list. A single list is anytime better than multiple lists comprising of duplicate content. You will unnecessary waste money on cleaning the list. Therefore, merge all the data in one platform.

3. Email address validation

Scrubbing the data regularly will help you build relations and maintain the desired engagement with the customers. Invalid email addresses, opt-outs, complainers and bounces should be blacklisted and deleted from the mailing list forever. There is no point in keeping complainers in the list as they will only degrade the success rate of the campaign.

Email validation is the success of email marketing campaign.