How to Take Control Over your Email Deliverability using Batch Email Verification

It’s high time for brands to start taking ownership of their email deliverability rather than bestowing it on the ESP or the ISP. A plethora of marketers fail to understand the fundamental behind the deliverability rate. And, the ESPs get paid to respond and solve the potential problems, instead of preventing them from occurring. As a sender, you’re answerable to why your messages are reaching the inbox of the target audience. One reason could be poor list hygiene. Furthermore, marketers who overlook batch email verification to clean their mailing list, often complain of low deliverability rates.

Today, deliverability should be seen as part and parcel of your email strategy to improve the overall marketing results.

How to Take Control Over your Email Deliverability using Batch Email Verification

Therefore, we have listed a few potential ways to take control over the email deliverability.

1) Delivery is not a random phenomenon

Contrary to the old school believe, delivery is no longer a random phenomenon. Deliverability issues are preventable, and marketers can anticipate the same. Also, deliverability depicts a consistent and an extremely predictable pattern of why your messages are not reaching the target audience. There is no rocket science behind the same. You need to keep a hawk eye on the deliverability patterns before it becomes a potential problem. Also, focus on maintaining a clean list using batch email verification to avoid any unprecedented delivery issues. It’s your marketing list, and you’re ONLY responsible for it.

2) It’s only your business

As a marketer, you need to take the onus of your marketing list. Abdicating the responsibility to the ESP is not a sign of a good marketer. If you cannot take the onus of something you’re responsible, surviving in the competitive world will be a challenge. Imbibe email deliverability in your email strategy to reduce the instances of not reaching the inbox of your customers. It’s your business, and you need to work hard to overcome the deliverability hurdles.

3) Imbibe deliverability in your strategy

From ground zero, email deliverability should be a part of your marketing strategy. When deliverability is one of the core aspects of your marketing, you reduce the instances of email not reaching the audience and increase the overall email marketing results. So, have a clear delivery goal in mind and strive hard to achieve the same by following the best practices to reach the target audience.

4) Use an opt-out and suppression list

If your business has recently switched over to a new ESP, remember to download the opt-out list comprising of email addresses that have hard bounced in the past. Upload the list of the new ESP to ensure you don’t email customers who don’t want to hear from your brand. Furthermore, it will ensure a smoother transition to the new ESP and your brand will receive a low number of customer complaints.

It’s simple, if you can’t make it to the inbox of the customers, you fail as an email marketer. Reaching the inbox is crucial if you want your brand to make noise and stand out in the competition. Therefore, focus on cleaning the marketing list using batch email verification to connect with the target audience.