How to Stay Out of the Spam Box?

According to a research, the number of email accounts expected by the end of 2016 is 4.6 billion, which will make email marketing emerge as a pioneer. Tapping into a small chunk of these customers will ensure a huge audience and a guarantee a constant revenue stream. However, you need to ensure your email list is regularly cleaned using email verification to get in touch with genuine customers. Perfecting your strategy is a must to stay away from the spam box. Here are a few things to consider to reach the target audience.


Cross device compatibility

From wearables to mobile devices, the way customers are accessing their email accounts is evolving at a tremendous rate. Smart watches and mobile phones are transforming the email landscape in a 360 angle. Today, brands not focusing on cross device compatibility end up losing customers. As a marketer, you need to opt for a fully responsive email template to ensure that the content, email subject line, and images are subject to change depending upon the type of mobile device. If you face any compatibility issues, focus on resolving them at the earliest. Furthermore, scrub the marketing list using email address verification to remove unwanted customers.

Content creation

Some of the best email marketing campaigns give due importance to content creation because algorithms may change over a period of time, but content will always remain as the king. However, you need to focus on certain golden rules to create content to reach the target audience. Focus on optimizing the font, layout and subject line to make the content SEO friendly. The preview text of your email should be capable of attracting the attention of the readers. It will surely help you reach out of the spam box.

Email segmentation

Today, companies are focusing on contextual messages that are personalized according to the interest of the readers. Segmentation and conceptualization both ensure that the messages reach the right customers at the right time. It has definitely increased the number of subscribers and helps in increasing the customer engagement.

Focus on validate email to stay out of the inbox of the readers.