How to Send Email to a Purchased List?

Purchasing an email list may be a hard choice for email marketers, especially when many marketers do not recommend purchasing a marketing list. When you are looking to create an authentic and emotional brand connection with the customers, a purchased list is artificial and if you do not follow the best practices to send emails to such a list, your marketing campaign will never become successful. A purchased list through a reputable source can increase the traffic to the website and enhance the click-through rates. Here a few ways to effectively send emails to a purchased list.


Clean your list

You may be working with a reputable email service provider, but cleaning the marketing list on a regular basis using email address verification will help you create a successful marketing campaign. Scrubbing the mailing list using verify email will remove all the unwanted and dormant email addresses from the marketing database. More than 20% of the mailing list are full of bad addresses and can destroy the whole marketing campaign. Therefore, by investing a little in list hygiene you will build long term relationship with the customers.

Find a reputable list provider

Whenever you are purchasing a mailing list, ensure the list provider is reputable and is capable to explain how clean the mailing list is and how regularly the mailing list is updated. Understanding these aspects is essential as a stale mailing list will only increase the spam complaints because it will be full of honey pots and spam bots. Choose a list service provider who has a reputation in the market and is proven to deliver quality results without you worrying about the authenticity of the marketing list. Carry out a thorough research and identify the best fit for your business. Make the decision wisely as the success of the marketing campaign will heavily rely on the email list.

Never rent a mailing list

Renting a mailing list is the worst marketing decision a brand can take. Your competitors might be using the same list and sending similar marketing content to the customers. The customers after a certain point of time will get irked by the similar messages and filter the messages as spam.