How to Select your Email Validation Vendor?

With the CAN-SPAM law becoming stringent, as an email marketer it has become extremely necessary to clean the mailing list on a regular basis to avoid getting blocked. And, with hundreds of email address verification company functioning today, choosing the right vendor is extremely important. A well-structured evaluation process will help you connect with the best vendor at an affordable price. Remember to choose the vendor carefully because of a lot of your email marketing success is dependent upon the mailing list. A clean mailing list attracts a less number of complaints and an unclean list is sure to get your email address blacklisted permanently. Here are a few steps, which will help you in the selection process.

Ask for credible referrals

Ask for credible referrals from people who have previously availed such a service. You can use the internet and search for email validation vendors. Read the online reviews and carry out a thorough research before taking a final call. Additionally, ensure that the vendor keeps the sensitive date secured and gives prime importance to data security. Ask for privacy commitments and certification in this field. Don’t be shy while selecting a specialist because your business is at stake and you are entrusting data of other companies with the vendor.

Trial test

Ask the vendor to clean a mailing list of around 5000-7000 email addresses as a trial. The trial test will help you check the credibility and the usefulness of the vendor. However, never ask for unreasonably high volume of email addresses as a trial because it will eliminate the best partners for your business. Any volume above 7000 email addresses is considered free verification. And, the best email validation vendor will never sign up for such a huge volume. Additionally, ensure that the vendor is capable of handling large volumes without affecting the quality of results. Negotiate the cost based upon the test results obtained.

A structured selection process will help you choose the best email verifier vendor in a short period of time and at an affordable cost.