How to Re-engage Inactive Email Customer?

One of the mammoth challenges that lie ahead of every marketer is the ability to regain or re-engage the lost sales. Reengaging the customers becomes an essential aspect of every email marketing campaign not because it generates extra sales, but because it increases your reputation as a sender. A high percentage of inactive subscription or spam reporting can alert the ISP, thereby hurting the delivery and degrading the reputation.

As a marketer, the following steps will be beneficial to re-engage the inactive email customers.

1. Understand the cause for inactiveness

A customer for no reason will not stop reading or be opening your messages. Therefore, understanding the reason behind the inactiveness is essential. When a subscriber clicks the unsubscribe button, you can request the customer to quote the reason for inactiveness and disengagement. Usually, a customer who has been inactive in the past chooses to unsubscribe. An ISP will tolerate up to 2 years of inactiveness before penalizing the sender. Additionally, you can look for patterns and send the data collected from email marketing for a data audit. Finding out points or moments when a customer is likely to become inactive will help your business grow as you can rectify the mistake and re-engage the customer. An in-depth analysis of the data will surely help you figure out various different reasons for customer inactiveness.

2. Send exciting offers

The disengaged customers will need a VIP treatment if you want to bring them back into your business. Therefore, it is important that you send valuable and exciting offers to such customers. Offering more discounts or special privileges in terms of Gold or silver shopping cards or gift vouchers are a great way to entice the lost customers. It is important that a customized email is sent, letting the customer know how much your company value their presence. Churning words into tempting messages will help you a great deal.

3. Stop sending irrelevant stuff

Reengaging inactive customers is important, but you also have to ensure that the already existing customers do not become inactive. Therefore, send only relevant content to a clean list of customers to ensure high open and low bounce rate.